Factory Order

Factory order


So. You've made the decision to buy a new Chevrolet. You've made a wish list of equipment, thought about colours, and researched online. You may have even used the GM Build and Price Tool to design and configure your new vehicle online.

Now it is time to take a look around for the vehicle you've configured. You spend some time on the Internet, checking out dealerships in your local area- but can never seem to find the right exterior and interior colour combination, the right options, wheels, equipment- etc.

You even spend a Saturday driving around different dealership lots in hopes of spotting something similar to what you are looking for- but never find one. In fact- even when you find something close- it has already been sold!

So- What do you do?

Why not consider factory ordering your next Chevrolet to your specifications?

Save time and Effort by speaking with one of Product Experts today. We will guide you through the Build Process and Configure your new Chevrolet with you.


  • No. It doesn't.

  • With all things considered equal, factory ordered vehicles can cost no more than vehicles in dealer stock and in some case, may actually cost LESS.

  • When you buy from dealer stock, you may have to settle for a vehicle with more or less equipment or your second or third choice.

  • A factory order is built to your specifications- and you only pay for the equipment/packages that you want.

  • In short- when you factory order, you get exactly what you want, in the colour that you want- which may reduce your eventual cost.

  • GM Incentives can vary depending on the time of the year, inventory levels, and demand.

  • Certain GM Programs/Incentives/Rebates are considered to be 'Protectable'- this means that you can take advantage of the GM Programs that are in place at the time of your order when the vehicle arrives.

  • In situations where the GM Programs/Incentives/Rebates are BETTER for your situation at the time the order arrives- you can take advantage of the better program.

  • Not all GM Programs/Incentives/Rebates are Protectable- see us for details.

  • Factory Orders can take as little as 6 Weeks and as much as 16 Weeks depending on model and equipment availability.
  • Most Chevrolet Models are factory orderable. Certain Models or Equipment/Options may not be available at certain times of the year. See one of our Product Experts for Details.
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